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About Your Roseburg Oregon Law Firm

DC Law provides legal services and guidance for estate planning, civil litigation, real property, family law, business law, construction law, and probate law to Douglas County, OR.

Delivering the Highest Quality Legal Services to Douglas County

The predecessor to the law firm of DC Law was founded in 1949 in Roseburg, Oregon by Dudley C. Walton, Robert G. Davis and James C. Richmond. Presently the owners of the firm are Dan G. McKinney and Ronald L. Sperry III. The lawyers and professional staff have a well established reputation for delivering the highest quality legal services to valued clients in Douglas County, OR.

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Meet Our Team

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Discover Our Fields Of Service

Estate Planning

At DC Law, we provide a full range services to help our clients plan for their family’s future by preserving wealth in the event of death or disability. We help with drafting estate planning instruments such as deeds, wills, codicils, powers of attorney, health care directives and trust agreements.

Business Law

Whether you’re an established company or looking to start a new business, put your trust in DC Law for practical solutions to your business law issues. Our lawyers have helped clients in business planning, formation of limited liability companies, corporations and partnerships, purchasing, and more.

Civil Litigation

With an experienced attorney in your corner, we’ll provide aggressive representation and assist with investigation, arbitration, trial, and appeal of virtually all controversies resulting in litigation, including loss of income or property damage, in both federal and state courts.

Construction Law

Providing first class services to lenders, title insurers, owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers regarding various aspects of construction law. Contact us if you require guidance for a variety of construction issues such as contract preparation and interpretation, construction defects, collection, mechanic’s liens, and more.

Real Property

From property buying and selling transactions to disputes such as landlord-tenant, foreclosure, title disputes, land use, condemnation, water rights, toxic substance regulation and litigation and more, trust our attorneys to help you resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. If you need a landlord tenant lawyer in Roseburg, OR, give us a call.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Resolve your dispute without formal litigation with the help of our attorneys. Our attorneys act as neutral mediators and arbitrators both through the courts and privately. Our team has received formal education and training in conflict management and mediation. Call us today to set up a consultation.

Family Law

Let our attorneys help you navigate the complexities of the legal system and find the solution that’s best for your family. We offer legal support for divorce, child custody, spousal support, property settlement, and more.

Probate Law

The attorneys at DC Law are highly experienced when it comes to settling estates. We help resolve claims and distribute the deceased person’s property under a valid Will, or through intestate succession. For help with trusts in Roseburg, OR, contact us today.

Elder Law

Trust our team to work hard to protect your loved ones. When it comes to elder abuse, we are prepared to handle all matters related to the physical, emotional, neglect, failure to provide basic care, abandonment of a caregiver, or financial exploitation of senior citizens.

Work with Douglas County’s Only AV-Rated Firm

With 35 years of experience, our locally owned firm is the only one in Douglas County with an AV-Rating, Martindale Hubbell’s highest ranking. Our attorneys have 50 years of combined experience.

Veterans, police, and first responders get a Heroes discount at our firm. You can come to us for basic wills for $100 or less. Personal injury consultations are FREE! And there’s no fee if no recovery on personal injury cases.

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Premier Law Firm Serving Roseburg, OR & Eugene, OR

DC Law is a premier law firm providing expert legal services for clients in Roseburg, OR, Coos Bay, OR, and the nearby areas. We are a multi-practice law firm offering legal services in many different practice areas including estate planning, civil litigation, family law, real property, business law, construction law, alternative dispute resolution, and elder law. Our goal is to provide the highest caliber of legal services to ensure the best outcome for your legal concern.

Effective Legal Services

At DC Law, we are dedicated to providing the best legal services for our clients Roseburg, OR, Coos Bay, OR, and the nearby areas. Whether you need to consult with a real estate attorney, probate law attorney, family law attorney, or civil litigation attorney, you can depend on us to provide you with effective legal services. We are also your first choice when you need to meet with experienced mediation lawyers, business law attorneys, or consult with an estate planning lawyer or trusts and estates law attorney.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

When you need a neutral party to assist you with resolving your dispute, turn to the Law Offices of DC Law. We will act as neutral arbitrators and mediators privately as well as through the court system. Our legal team has completed formal education and training in mediation and conflict management services.

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